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the basics

What is First Flight?

First Flight is your go-to for premium Shopify and WordPress themes, created for design-minded business owners ready to kickstart their craft with a strong website and powerful online voice, sans delays.

We are on mission to deliver you affordable, accessible solutions with a focus on originality, functionality and simplicity. The FF Cabin Crew present an expertly curated itinerary of thoughtfully designed First Class themes that are brandable, customisable and part of a limited edition fleet.

First Flight equips and empowers businesses from a diverse range of industries. Whether you require simple pages with a clean aesthetic, memorable galleries, a professional blog or a comprehensive online store, our themes are user-friendly, mobile optimised and fully responsive with zero coding required from you.

Read more about us here.

Who are these themes for?

We get it, you’re in need of a stellar online presence but you don’t have a huge budget or the time to invest in working one-on-one with a design agency. And you understand that a DIY site often ends up looking a little too much like DIY (and you want to avoid that at all costs!). You’re on your way to building your empire, but still figuring it all out on the way and need to look pro in the process.


What platform are the themes built on?

All of our themes are built for either Shopify or WordPress, depending on their intended purpose.

If I already have a Shopify site, can I keep that and just replace the theme with a First Flight Shopify theme?

Absolutely! The beauty of using themes is that you can retain almost all of the content and data on your current Shopify site, then simply upload your new theme, and reconnect the homepage sections to the theme. We also provide plenty of support documents to ensure this transfer is a seamless one for you.

Can I use your themes on Squarespace/Wix/Drupal/Magneto/another platform?

Unfortunately, each platform is different in the way they accept themes, which means they’re unable to be built to function on multiple platforms – i.e. our Ecommerce themes only work on Shopify, and our Content themes only work on WordPress!

Can I build a website myself using one of the FF themes?

Yes, you most certainly can build a website yourself using one of our themes! They are designed to be super easy to use, intuitive and DIY friendly. If you’re well equipped with technical skills and have worked with Shopify or WordPress before, it’ll be a breeze! But if you feel you’re time poor or need a little assistance, our directory is the perfect place to find a recommended freelancer to bring onboard, to help get you on your way.

What do I get when I purchase a theme?

Once you’ve purchased your theme you will be sent a .zip file which has all your new goodies in it, ready to be uploaded to the platform specified. Each theme comes with its very own guidebook, which covers all the necessary steps to get your theme set up and customised. Shopify and WordPress have a huge directory of resources and support articles to assist you in the setup of your site, including creating pages and products, and getting your site live. Find out how your to upload your theme to your specific platform here.

What kind of support do you offer me?

Once you have purchased one of our First Flight themes you aren’t left in the dark. We provide a play-by-play guidebook designed specifically for each template in order to make your transition just that little bit easier. Both WordPress and Shopify also have amazing support pages that outline questions you wouldn’t even think of. If you’re having a little extra trouble, we also have a directory of kick-ass freelancers who are ready and raring to help you out.

our themes

Who designs the themes?

All of our themes are designed by the team at Smack Bang Designs in their Sydney studio. They are designed by a bunch of incredibly talented designers and coded by in-house web developers.

What does ‘limited edition’ mean?

Most theme sites allow for an unlimited purchase of their themes by anyone and everyone – that’s why you see so many website looking identical these days. At FF, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice standing out online for affordability. Our themes are only available in a limited edition run of 50. Once 50 are sold, the theme will be taken off the site and no longer be available for purchase. We want to make it easy for you to stand out online.

How often does FF release new themes?

We don’t have a set date for new releases, but we will be having a constant flow of new themes coming in each month for your viewing pleasure. Every time we release a new theme, we will announce it on our social media and newsletter, so stay tuned!

Does FF ever ‘re-release’ themes?

Because they are limited to only 50 purchases, we won’t be releasing any of our themes once we have sold out. We will however, take note of your feedback and use popular features from past themes in our new editions, so if you do decide to purchase a theme and have feedback for us, please take the time to fill in our survey, which we will send to your after your site is live. Because of the limited edition nature of our products, make sure that if you like a theme, you jump on it – our themes will sell out quickly and we would hate for you to miss out.

I’m a freelance designer. Can I use my theme for client work?

We’d love for you to use our themes as a jumping off point for your own designs. Although, they need to evolve into a very different design before claiming ownership or including it in your portfolio. The First Flight watermark must always remain on the footer of the website.

Who owns the rights to the theme? Can I use the theme on multiple sites? Can I get a developer to customise it?

When you purchase a First Flight theme, you’re purchasing rights to use the theme design on one site only. You’re free to have a developer tweak and change it as much as you like, so long as the First Flight watermark remains in the footer of the website, and credit remains in the hands of First Flight Studio!


How do I pay for my website theme?

You can purchase your website online via our shop. All payments are processed through either Paypal, Stripe, Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express.

Do your prices include GST?

All the prices are 10% GST inclusive.

What does this mean for people buying overseas?

When you reach the checkout, the 10% GST will be removed from your price if you are purchasing from any country where our Australian taxes don’t apply.

If I pre-order, when can I receive my site?

For those who pre-order you will receive an email letting you know when you will have access to the theme files. It will be before the site is officially launched for ‘sale’.


What is First Flight’s refund policy?

Because our product is provided immediately on purchase, we don’t offer refunds, exchanges or store credit on any of our products, unless the product is deemed unusable, or corrupt, by the customer and First Flight Studio. Before purchasing, make sure you fully understand what’s involved with the process. 

Before requesting a refund, it’s important to keep in mind that there is often a difference between an item that is broken and a situation where you are receiving an error message. Error messages can be related to an incorrect setup, configuration or software and as a result the item is not working. If you do feel you are entitled to a refund, please contact us.

domains + hosting

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name by which a website is identified. Domains can be purchased with any combination of letters, hyphens and numbers. eg.

How do I purchase a domain name?

We recommend our customers to purchase their domain names at either Crazy Domains or GoDaddy. There is no need to purchase any extras with this, all you need is the domain name itself.

Please note, First Flight Studio is in no way affiliated with Crazy Domains or GoDaddy, and cannot offer support or advice on these businesses or their offerings.

How do I set up a business email?

We recommend our customers to set up their business emails using G Suite by Google. We use it ourselves and love it!

Please note, First Flight Studio is in no way affiliated with Google, and cannot offer support or advice on this business or its offerings.

What is hosting?

In order for a website to appear on the internet, it must have hosting. Think of it as being the rent you pay to have your site existing on the internet.

Do I host with First Flight?

No. While our previous plans required hosting with First Flight Studio, our theme products are sold as off-the-shelf products where hosting is purchased externally, through the platform provider. Hosting can be provided through the designated channel, either Shopify or WordPress.   


If I have issues that need fixing, do you have a point of contact?

Yes, your best point of call is to submit a support ticket via our support page. You can also reach us at

Do you offer phone support?

Our support is handled completely through email. This is the easiest way for us to ensure that we’re answering all of your questions quickly and clearly. You can email us directly from our support page or reach us at

Do you offer support on the weekend?

Unfortunately, we can only offer support Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm AEST. However, feel free to send through an email anytime you have a question and we can get back to you as soon as we can.

Who do I ask if I need help?

Our extensive FAQ’s page and vault of Support resources should help you out where you need. Also, if you think you will need a helping hand when building your site, just head on over to our Directory to see a list of our recommended freelancers!  For all First Flight websites we offer 30 days of free support, you can submit a ticket to get technical support if you need.

Are there online resources I can refer to?

The theme guide that comes with your website theme will cover everything you need to get your theme set up and running. If you’re looking for more inspiration and advice, head to our Resources vault to check out some tips and tricks. Shopify and WordPress are website giants and come with never ending lists of tutorials and support documents – if you’re keen to get super tricky, chances are you’ll be able to learn how to just by simply Googling it.


What if something goes wrong?

Technology can often be a man’s worst enemy and try as we might to move mountains, we cannot always promise that your website adventure will always be smooth sailing. If something goes wrong and you can’t resolve it through our FAQs, Support Resources or WordPress / Shopify online tutorials, please submit a support ticket below.



What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, refers to strategies or techniques used to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results with the use of keywords and phrases commonly searched for within your industry. Having a strong SEO on your site means you will gain a high-ranking placement within the search results. For example, a website with a strong SEO ranking appears at the top of the page when you ‘google’ or search a keyword or phrase. A poor SEO can result in your website being placed on the 2nd, 3rd or 25th page of results..

Is my theme designed with SEO in mind?

Yes, your site is designed with SEO in mind, however if you’re looking to start a serious romance with Google, we would recommend teaming up with an SEO consultant who can review your copy and ensure that your site is set to climb Google’s ranks.


What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a free CRM (customer Relationship Management) service that allows you to design, compose and send out e-newsletters to your database. They are the world’s leading email marketing platform that empower their by making technology accessible for small businesses and creating innovative products to help customers and their businesses grow.

Is my website integrated with MailChimp?

Yes, your website will have the ability to be integrated with your MailChimp account. Our instructional video will run you through the easy steps to link your MailChimp account with the allocated signup form on your site.


What is an integration?

When we talk websites, “Integration” refers to the act of linking your website with third-party software. This will allow your website to access information without any additional work on your part.

What applications can I integrate with my website?

Due to Shopify and WordPress’ popularity you can integrate your website with all kinds of third-parties applications. For example, if you can integrate your website with Instagram to feature all of your latest posts, you can also add Facebook and Twitter features.

There may be some limitations on what you can do, so give the First Flight Crew a shout out if you need some help with apps.

Can I add shop-insta or afterpay?

Yes, absolutely. Both of these features are as simple as installing a Shopify App or WordPress Plugin. Please note, all enquiries regarding the integration of external services such as Afterpay should be directed to the plugin/app developer.

I have an e-commerce store but I want a WordPress theme. Is this possible?

Yes, WordPress is a highly flexible platform with over 50,000 plugins available for integration. While your First Flight WordPress theme won’t be set up to house an eCommerce store, you are more than welcome to bring a developer on board to make this customisation for you!  


How can I ensure my website (plugins etc) are up to date?

Both platforms (Shopify and WordPress) are well equipped to make updating your plugins a breeze. All enquiries regarding updates to the platform or plugins/apps should be directed to the relevant platform’s support team.



customisations + setup

How do I set up my website?

Each theme comes with it’s very own guidebook, which covers all the necessary steps to get your theme set up and customised. Shopify and WordPress have a huge directory of resources and support articles to assist you in the setup of your site, including creating pages and products, and getting your site live. Take a sneak peek at our theme guides here. For any platform related setup (e.g. creating pages and products) please direct your enquiries to your relevant platform.


What customisations can I make to my website?

All our themes are built to allow for customisation to the vertical layout of the homepage (sectioned), as well as changes to the site’s colours, font, font size and other typographic details.

What if I don’t have my logo and branding yet?

It is important that you have your logo and branding already done so that your site is looking beautiful and cohesive when you launch. We would recommend you to get in touch with the branding experts, Smack Bang Designs who will be able to provide you with a quote to get this side of your business underway.

Can I use my own fonts?

As long as your fonts are web-safe and can be found in the Google fonts library, you are able to use your own fonts. We will teach you how to customise your theme to show off your beautiful font palette.

Do I have to use all pages that the theme comes with?

You are not limited to the pages listed on your theme’s demo site – this is simply a recommendation from our experienced team of UI trained Web Designers! Our theme guides as well as your platform support will be able to instruct you on how to change or hide each page that your theme comes with. This way you can tweak the theme to suit your business purposes.

Can I change all of the images on my theme?

Yes, you will need to replace all of the example images on the theme once you site is uploaded. We will teach you how to do this and each image will come with dimensions written across it so that you know the exact size to upload.

If I like any of the images on the template design, can I keep them?

No, unfortunately, these are licensed to our stock library provider, however we are building our very own stock library for you to choose images from – coming soon!

Where do I source my images from?

You can either do a photoshoot yourself, use our recommended Stocksy library or contact Smack Bang Designs for a quote to do a photoshoot for you.

Can I get my own Web Developer to make changes to my First Flight website theme?

Of course! We love seeing what our customers create. We only ask that you retain the ‘Fuelled by First Flight’ credit at the bottom of your page for legal reasons.

Please note: as soon as a developer outside of First Flight Studio has worked on your site we can no longer take responsibility for any issues that may occur as a result.

mobile + tablet responsive

What does mobile and tablet response mean?

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to research, browse and purchase online, it’s important that a website design is responsive. Having a responsive website design means that it has been constructed so that all of the text, images and layout of the site remains the same on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For smaller devices such as smartphones, a responsive device will simply just condense the content to fit perfectly on screen, while still having the same look and functionality.

Will my website be mobile and tablet responsive?

Yes, all of our themes are designed to be beautifully responsive across all screens, no matter the size. You can preview how the themes might look by taking them for a test drive on the actual device – e.g. Log on to the test drive page on your mobile phone.


How can I contact First Flight?

If you’re a First Flight customer and need to lodge a technical support ticket, please do so via our Support page.

If you’re just wanting to find out more about First Flight Studio and have a question not listed here, reach out via our Contact page