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Worn Store Collection - Cane Chair

First Flight


we sat down with: lotte from worn store

In between creating key pieces for the home, the wardrobe, and the habitat. One half of the mastermind duo behind Worn Store, Lotte Barnes, had some spare time to answer some key questions about how their website played such a large role in their success.

Want to know how they instantly saw an increase in sales and direct traffic after launching the new website?

01. Tell us why a website is so important to your business?

A well-running website is so important to us, as it tells our story, lets our customers understand us, our ethos and our products in their best visual form. Especially when buying our furniture online, we want our customers to feel as close as possible in a ‘online’ tangible way, that they get the full experience and understanding of our products, even when they don’t get to touch, feel or sit on our pieces. Our new website builds that trust and experience when buying from us online. Worn started as an e-commerce brand and the majority of our business still takes place online. When we launched our new website we instantly saw an increase in sales and direct traffic. We put it down to looking like a more serious brand, having a better user experience when navigating the website, and also a layout that best suits our brand and actually earns its keep in its look and usability. 

02. How was the style of Worn Store carried over into your digital presence?

Creating a mood is integral when promoting a brand and creating a brand signature. We use our website and Instagram to convey who Worn is, which attracts like-minded customers and even just people who want to ‘watch’ the brand even if they aren’t physically buying anything. We’re image-heavy with our content online and always try to use product images that are shot in the same house-style. We needed a website that allowed us the flexibility and ease to constantly change and add to our imagery, plus for the layout to reflect the understated aesthetic of the Worn brand.

03. What is the mood you wanted to convey via your online presence?

Calm, graceful, intelligent, cultured, simplistic and design culture savvy.

04. Tell us about how your new site has evolved from your old:

Oh my gosh they don’t even compare. Our previous site was a Big Cartel template based website which we built and was so limited in so many ways. Our new site is much more personable, detailed and true to our aesthetic. The biggest difference for us has been the ability to personalise the shipping options. Shipping furniture isn’t easy (or cheap) and so we need to be very specific with our rates and locations. Our new site allows us to charge in accordance with postcodes and countries, whilst the last site only allowed us to charge according to a country. This has been incredibly useful (and valuable) for our business. Also, the seamless MailChimp capabilities have been wonderful when communicating to and developing our customer database.

05. Tell us about the process of selecting your First Flight template:

We wanted something that was incredibly simple, that would last the test of time – design wise and functionality wise and that allowed for two different styles and sizes to be used. We also want a particular layout that utilised thumbnail but also a slideshow or large video component on the homepage. The dropdown tabs are designed exactly how we wanted, and we like the cross-promotion of products that occurs within the site and all-round easy navigation. I think it took us about five minutes to choose our design we loved it as soon as we saw it.

06. How are you finding the maintenance of the site? Do you enjoy having control over all your content?

We’re time-poor but WooComm has a great support network with online videos for maintenance, site design or functionality changes. Plus First Flight have provided endless support and guidance. Having the flexibility to be able to change almost any aspect of the site means it will continue to evolve alongside the brand. As well as fitting us perfectly right now, it also allows us the space and tools to grow.

Want to find out more about this creative duo? You can find their story here.

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